balm3Herbal Balms/Salves contain concentrated herbs which are absorbed topically through the skin or may be used locally for skin conditions.
Our Herbal Balms/Salves are made by infusing our hand-selected herbs in organic oils.  If kept out of extreme heat, they will last for up to 2 years. Our balms are hand-selected, responsibly harvested, organically grown or wildcrafted boreal forest herbs. The base is typically certified organic extra virgin olive oil, certified organic beeswax or Alaskan grown beeswax. Our oil infusions are hand-shaken and sung to regularly by our brew chef.  They are hand poured with love. Enjoy this gift from us and Mother Nature! 

If you are interested in a balm mixture, we have the ability to hand create a special order for your personal needs. These balms are done by appointment only.

CO: Certified Organic     AW: Alaska Wildcrafted     WC: Wildcrafted     AG: Alaska Grown

* Any topically used supplement product may cause allergies and or reactions. A test trial of any product should be done by the consumer. We recommend that you take a small smear of balm to initially test for side effects for the first 24 hours prior to regular usage.  If any reaction develops, you should consult your physician. One should not use herbs except under the guidance of a physician if you are a child less than 16 years of age, are pregnant, have organ diseases of significant degree, or are on multiple medications.